Digital illustration, character design, concept art

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This War of Mine

Ilustrations done for This War of Mine boardgame artbook by 11 bit Studios and Awaken Realms in collaboration with Artist on Board group. WIPs and sketches included.

Forest vampire

Loose style design of humanoid vampire. Focused on different body proportions during thumbnail design. Personal project.


Female character for Cursed Valley game

Orc chief

Stylized lineart for skechtbook with overprints


Card illustrations for Cursed Valley game


Humanoid, bird alike character. Male, pilot in steampunk, dieselpunk style. Personal project for facebook character challenge group.

Future soldier

Cyborg trooper, female. Optional future universe, melee weapons. Personal project.

“Bad parts”

Character for friends group challenge. Cyborg with arm implant virused update.


Four legs, two arms creature. Warrior type, agressive, evil. Personal project for character design challenge.


Early middle-age mercenary knight. Realistic, european medieval style. One hand weapon and shield. Personal project.